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SAEC Investors Consortium includes venture capitalists, angel investors and corporate investors - those who invest in ventures in the NY/NJ tri-state area.

Why Investors Consortium?

One of the goals of Silicon Alley Entrepreneurs Club (SAEC) is to bring entrepreneurs and investors closer. We strongly believe that investors should interact more closely with entrepreneurs and guide them in their ventures. This will help investors to improve chances of picking winners.

However, we do recognize that investors don't have the time they really need to do a thorough examination of a business plan. So we do the due diligence by using our "Business Defense" program. We then pass on the business plan that only completely meets their investment criteria.

We need to verify that you are a qualified investor. Remember that we only consider ventures in NY/NJ tri-state area.

SAEC Difference

  • If you don't invest in telecom ventures why should you even see a business proposal related to telecom?!
  • If your minimum investment is $2M why should you spent time on a proposal that is seeking $500,000?!

You get the idea !

You won't receive one business proposal that doesn't meet your initial investment criteria. That's a promise.

For now, we'll email you the executive summary that fits your investment criteria and hook you up with the entrepreneur.

Join the SAEC Investors Consortium

You must read the Declaration of Accreditation before applying to join the Investors Consortium. By joining the Investors Consortium you are declaring yourself as an accredited investor. You also acknowledge that you have read and agree with the Declaration of Accreditation.

To be considered to join the "SAEC Investors Consortium," please send an email to with the following information.

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