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Executive summary, business plan or ideas received by Silicon Alley Entrepreneurs Club (SAEC) will be made available to the investors listed in SAEC's Investors Consortium.

Please do not send us anything that constitutes a trade secret or confidential and proprietary information. Please note that by sending us your executive summaries, business plan or ideas, you are acknowledging that such materials do not include any trade secrets or confidential and proprietary information.

Please note that more than one entrepreneur may be pursuing the same idea or business plan at any given time. When we send your business plan to an investor or investors, another entrepreneur may considering your idea or a similar idea submit the same investor. We don't ask investors what other investments are under consideration at any given time.

We don't sign or require our investors to sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to receive or review business plans or ideas. Silicon Alley Entrepreneurs Club can't guarantee the confidentiality of any such information.

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