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This section is only for investors

If you are an investor and would like to view/access/receive business plans submitted through SAEC, you must be a member of our investor consortium.

  • We need to verify that you are a qualified investor.
  • We only consider ventures in the NY/NJ tri-state area.

We understand that "time" is something that most investors don't have as much as they would like. So we as a community took it upon ourselves to do the due diligence for you and forward business plans that only completely meets your investment criteria.

  • If you don't invest in space ventures why should you even see a business proposal related to that area?!
  • If your minimum investment is $2M why should you spend time on a proposal that is seeking $500,000?!

    You get the idea!

You won't receive one business proposal that doesn't meet your initial investment criteria. That's a promise.

For now, we'll email you the executive summary that fits your investment criteria and hook you up with the entrepreneur.

Join the investor consortium now. It is as simple as sending an email with some information. Please read the investor consortium section.

Disclaimer: Silicon Alley Entrepreneurs Club (SAEC) is not a registered broker-dealer. We are a local community that includes investors and entrepreneurs. We use our combined knowledge and network to screen business proposals by entrepreneurs and send them to the appropriate investor. Our goal is to work as an intermediary to help both entrepreneurs and investors alike. We want to see new venture grow in our area.

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