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The Silicon Alley Entrepreneurs Club (SAEC) was founded in 1999 to serve high tech entrepreneurial ventures in the midst of economic downturn. Taking a cue from academia, SAEC's founders formed a group of like-minded people, a think-tank so to speak, sharing obstacles, experience and real-world case histories.

Launching with the premise that this combined knowledge could be shared freely, SAEC began with an online discussion forum. Within days there were 250 members. Soon these forums included monthly in-person events, in midtown New York City, with invited speakers. Today there are more than 3700 SAEC members and partners, contributing to the FREE exchange of thought and experience.

What we have learned is that most first time entrepreneurs in the high tech field have one or two core strengths: technology or finance. Our familiarity with other essential disciplines is limited. Successful ventures, however, need additional components. They:

  • Create partnerships and affiliations
  • Build strategic marketing plans
  • Use public relations and advertising to reach all stakeholders
  • Find skillful management for human resources and operations

Because these functions also require specialists who are often too costly on a start-up budget, SAEC creates forums for sharing these information, provides discussions and collaborative opportunities that can sustain new ventures during the crucial early stages of development.

In a rapidly changing business climate ripe with opportunity, SAEC is focused on building successful high tech ventures and partnerships in the New York metropolitan area.

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