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Hello Gyan,

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the fine work that you doing. The advice from the Guest Speakers has been excellent and very instrumental in the progress that we have made towards a second round of financing. We have had an audience with several VC's that would not have spoken to us on our own, and all of this was accomplished NO CHARGE! to our company. Other organizations offer similar opportunities that cost hundreds of dollars. We certainly feel our membership in SAEC has saved us thousands, and has put us on the road to Funding Success.

Thanks again for your help and effort.
Kindest Regards,

— James Gross Co-CEO, Area Web, Inc.

You and SAEC put on tremendous events and offer up excellent opportunities with the true mantra of helping out your fellow entrepreneur-no string attached. this is rare and much apprectaed in the community. What is also rare, is the quality of opportunities SAEC provides in general and those that you provide in particular. Bset..Chris

— Christopher Young, Klipmart Corporation, New York

Congratulation !

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your work in bringing these events back to NYC. I have been to a few events and have been involved with the Internet community since 1995 when times were different and so was the atmosphere. I am glad you have not been thwarted by the recent downturn of the market for entrepreneurs.

Thanks for your tireless effort.

— John Brandstetter, Partner

“The Silicon Alley Entrepreneurs Club event was very worthwhile for us it opened up several new business opportunities for us that would have previously taken quite some time to accelerate if we didn’t have the chance to meet at SAEC.”

— Tony Politano, CEO of MIS AG

I was at the SAEC function last night at the Carnegie Brewing Company. I want to tell you that it was a great success, there was a wide range of valuable people there. I met several people who I can help and who can help me. I want to thank you for being there for entrepreneurs in Silicon Alley. It's people like yourself who are the backbone of the internet revolution.


Congratulations on a very successful event! I enjoyed being there and learning more about the plans for the organization.

I'd be happy to serve in an advisory capacity (on a complementary basis) if you think I can add value……continued


Great event last night. I met quite a few dynamic people.
Please include me at your next event……….continued


Hi Gyan,

Good meeting you at the SAEClub the other night and great job on your organizational efforts! Also, thanking you for putting me on your list……... So keep me posted of SAEC events and the progress ..continued
All the best,

— Venture Capitalist

******The above quotes are a part of the entire email (edited version). We have deliberately not provided the member detail information as we have not asked them for their permission to publish it on our web sites.


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