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Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs are the center of innovation; their innovations helps in the advancement of human civilization. Most entrepreneurs have a dream, an idea, a lot of passion, willingness to work hard and risk it all. What most don't have is the capital and resources required to achieving that dream. Challenges and constraints force most entrepreneurs to quit the game in the middle. Given the right resource and support, most entrepreneurs will succeed. We all, should help as many of them, in as many ways possible to realize their dreams, which in return will help us in to live a better life.

Investors: Investors have capital and experience to help entrepreneurs realize their dream. What most investors don't have is the time required to support as many entrepreneurs as they would like. Ideas can be ahead of times or economically not feasible over time. Even experienced investors have to make guesses and go with their gut instinct sometime. Investing is more of an art rather than science. There is no golden rule to identify winners. We can help investors to increase their chance of picking winners by bringing them closer to entrepreneurs and sharing information that can help them making their investment decision.

Service Providers: Various services such as legal, accounting, technology, finance, and PR are the core building block of a successful venture. Most entrepreneurs can't afford to pay for such services at the early stage of their venture. However, right services from the right company can be responsible for the eventual success of any new ventures. Identifying future winners at an early stage can lead to long term strategic partnerships and bring success to service providers. We can help service providers and entrepreneurs develop such partnership at an early stage.

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