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SAEC’s Biotechnology initiative started as an idea that turned into a passion and growing into a business. It is dedicated to the development of bioinformatics software to be used in life science and healthcare industries.

Modern approaches to biology, like genomics, which looks for individual genes amidst the clutter of human DNA, or proteomics, which tries to describe some of the complicated molecules in the body, require sifting through massive amounts of data. To begin with our approach to data analysis is focused on but not limited to web services, application integration, and data integration.

SAEC seeks to introduce a greater understanding of data analysis by the use of cutting edge technology. We are making an effort to work with you to plan your use of Web Services, transfer from our experienced architects to your people, and help developing in initial projects.

Currently the program is jointly undertaken by a team scientists and computer professionals under the supervision of Dr. Lucy Parida.

Why Web Services? What we think about it?

We strongly believe that the future of life science lies in application integration, be it inside or outside the enterprise

Web Services are going to provide a level of platform, application and data independence, and are going to drive down the cost of integration

Web Services are going to integrate the existing legacy applications in a unique way and bring down the cost of migrating business applications to a newer platform

Web Services are going to be integral part of Business-to-Business application integration and workflow processes.

We also believe that Web Service standards are still in its early adoption stage. This means that we need to tread cautiously, with an eye on tools, performance bottlenecks and above all security related issues.

What we plan to do about it?

Analyze the existing middleware and application infrastructure and recommend the appropriate use of Web Services

Provide architecture for the use of XML and Web Services keeping the budget in mind

Design, work and develop the Core component

Finally test and implement it.

We are working with academic researchers, biotech and pharmaceutical industry product developers, and our own R&D staff.

If you have questions about SAEC Biotech initiatives please contact In the subject area write "Biotech"

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