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Bulls Eye Networking™ (BEN) refers to the creative techniques and tools designed by SAEC to make networking more effective.

Why Is Bulls Eye Networking™?

Most networking events are like blind dates. Nine out of ten times you end up speaking with people who can't move your business ahead. The person or persons you want to speak with could be just yards, or inches away! But it's hard to walk into a room of one hundred people and try to find John Doe, CEO of XYZ, Inc. Most of the time, it's up to you to drift around the room hoping to bump into the right contacts. Sure, you can have a great time but let's not call it a networking event.

SAEC Difference

Everything we provide to member entrepreneurs is FREE or for nominal fees including Bulls Eye Networking (BEN).

We put mechanisms in place so that you meet the right business contacts. As part of the Bulls Eye Networking (BEN) program, we:

1) Provide a "Who Is Coming and Why" (WICH list™)" to all attendees. The WICH list contains the Name, Company Name, Business Activity, and Mission (why you are coming to the event) for the attendees. The WICH list is published on our web site OR is emailed to the attendees 24-48 hours prior to the event. Each person is assigned a unique badge number that allows attendees to browse through the list, write them down and locate specific individuals at our events.

2) Provide a green/red dots that you can attach to your badges to differentiate an ability to provide a resource from a need for resource; like a seller and buyer scheme. We also use a letter scheme to highlight the prime category of your business.

If you have a suggestion to make networking more effective, please write to us. In the subject area write "BEN Suggestion."


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