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SAEC will not share your email address with anyone. See our privacy policy for details. If there's not a reason for an email, we won't send it.

SAEC Announcement List: This is a must for everyone who wants to participate in SAEC activities. These emails keep our members completely up-to-date - our personal communications channel. These include all of our event announcements and all services that we provide. Generally 0-4 times a month.

SAEC Job Alert: These emails are only sent out when we get a job opening request to be broadcast to our members. Very few are sent.

SAEC Research Articles:SAEC, in collaboration with iZyn Digital, produces research articles on most current business topics. These are truly out-of-the-box, politically incorrect, controversial articles. We write the truth as we see it. No gimmicks and no lies. We cover topics from business strategy to investment issues and entrepreneurs tips - whatever we find interesting and of practical value to professionals.

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