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Help/Partner/Collaborate/Advise/Guide/Mentor The High-Tech Entrepreneurs of Silicon Alley

SAEC brings together all the players of internet/e-commerce start-ups - VC's, Angels, Lawyers, Accountants, Webmasters, Designers, Architects, Recruiters...and help that Entrepreneur "That Dreamer" to create the next Amazon or Yahoo.....Let us help each other here at the Silicon Alley to make our mark in the new Millenium.

Have no contacts - How to get funded
Not an MBA - How to make that Biz Plan
Not a Speaker - How to give that Elevator Speech
Not a Lawyer - How to Apply for Patent
How many slides in that Power Presentation - 10 or 20
You get the Idea....

Ask it all here...This is "New York"...."Silicon Alley"

You'll get the answer and the right answer....or.... May be you know the answer to someone's question or have a solution to someone's problem.

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